Activity ideas

This section contains activity ideas for different kinds of organisation, including schools, local authorities, student groups, local inter faith groups, hospitals, sports clubs and more!

Quick plan activities

This page has been developed specifically for people who have decided they’d like to mark Inter Faith Week, but don’t have a lot of time to plan an activity.

Published 29 October 2018

Young people

Resources for young people are included on this page.

Published 6 November 2016


This page features some downloadable resources for schools and SACREs to aid in your marking of the Week.

Published 6 November 2016

Police Forces

In many parts of the country, police forces have been making a very important contribution to developing and sustaining good inter faith relations.

Published 6 November 2016

Local Authorities

The Week offers an important opportunity for local authorities to recognise the diversity and the distinctiveness of their local faith communities and the contribution which they make – singly and together – to their local community.

Published 6 November 2016

Higher and Further Education

Inter Faith Week is a great opportunity to celebrate diversity and help foster inclusion on campus

Published 6 November 2016

Local Inter Faith Organisations

Local inter faith bodies are involved in inter faith work all year round, but having a single Week where most inter faith groups and faith forums are taking part provides a focal point for the public, opening up inter faith activity to a wider audience.

Published 6 November 2016

National and Regional Inter Faith Organisations

Inter Faith Week provides a great opportunity for inter faith organisations to highlight the inter faith work they carry out year-round and to draw new people into this.

Published 6 November 2016

National Faith Communities

Inter Faith Week offers a valuable opportunity to make the public more aware of your faith community and of the important contribution which it makes to wider society – locally, nationally and internationally.

Published 6 November 2016

Local Faith Communities

Inter Faith Week provides local faith communities with a great opportunity to showcase your important social action and inter faith work and to build new relationships of understanding and cooperation.

Published 6 November 2016

Non-Religious Belief Groups

One of the aims of Inter Faith Week is increasing dialogue between religious and non-religious groups, and people from both religious and non-religious backgrounds are warmly welcomed to take part.

Published 5 November 2016

Sports organisations

Inter Faith Week can be a great time to initiate inter faith sports programmes or celebrate those that are already going

Published 5 November 2016


Inter Faith Week offers an excellent opportunity for chaplaincies to reach out, bring people together, and showcase the work that they do.

Published 5 November 2016

Workplaces and businesses

Inter Faith Week provides businesses and workplaces with a unique opportunity to engage with diversity and equalities and to encourage religious literacy and positive relations in the workplace.

Published 5 November 2016


Inter Faith Week is a great time to hold activities to increase understanding of the different faiths and non-religious beliefs of patients and staff.

Published 17 October 2016

Fire and Rescue Services

Inter Faith Week provides a great opportunity to connect with people of faith within the local communities which you serve.

Published 17 October 2016