7 November 2019

Inter Faith Week and Friendship Friday

This year, Friendship Friday falls just as national Inter Faith Week is about to begin.

30 November 2018

Blog from IFN Project Assistant, Jaffor Bhuiya

A blog from the Inter Faith Network for the UK's Project Assistant about his experiences of Inter Faith Week 2018.

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    Inter Faith Week is an extraordinary time to be working at the Inter Faith Network. It is a privilege to take part. The Week has become such an important platform for widening involvement in inter faith learning, dialogue and social action.

    Published 21 November 2016

    Blog from IFN Inter Faith Development Officer, Ashley Beck

    My Inter Faith Week this year began in Paisley Town Hall, with the launch of Scottish Interfaith Week. It is led by Interfaith Scotland, and the launch event was run in partnership with Renfrewshire Interfaith Group.

    Published 20 November 2016

    Blog from Assistant Director, David Hampshire

    Inter Faith Week 2016 has probably been one of the most exhilarating, exhausting and rewarding weeks of my life. For me it started in York at 9am on Monday after a 4am start.

    Published 20 November 2016

    Blog from IFN intern, Zac Lloyd

    As the current Intern at the Inter Faith Network, I have been very lucky to visit a number of amazing places, and to meet some incredible people during this year’s Inter Faith Week.

    Published 18 November 2016