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Libraries are the heart of local communities and taking part in Inter Faith Week 2021 is a great way to strengthen ties with a diverse population

Below are some ideas for Inter Faith Week. These draw on successful activities held by public libraries in recent times. Most can be adapted, if needed, to be fully or partly virtual.

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intercultural tea party at batley library 2019

An intercultural tea party at Batley Library, 2019

display by friends house london 2017

Display by Friends House London, 2017


  • Produce a video of local faith community members talking about why libraries are so important to local communities and what their faith has to say about the importance of learning
  • Produce a video about how you serve local communities in our religiously diverse society
  • Invite authors of different faith backgrounds to talk about how their religion has influenced their writing
  • Create an online collection or physical display of books relevant to Inter Faith Week
  • Organise a group of helpers from different faiths to do some volunteering for the library, such as planting flowers or creating a display
  • Host an event such as a panel of faith leaders speaking on a topic like climate change
  • Set up a ‘Living Library’ event where visitors can borrow a ‘human library book’ for half an hour to learn about the person’s faith


tonbridge library inter faith speaker event inter faith week 2019

Inter faith speakers at Tonbridge Library, 2019


  • Create an Inter Faith Week book display in your library
  • Choose a book for Storytime that has an Inter Faith Week theme, or invite guests of different faiths to tell a story from their faith tradition or history - this could be followed by a discussion of how people with different faiths can live in harmony
  • Organise an Inter Faith Week poetry or short story competition with a book as a prize
  • Provide Inter Faith Week themed activities for children to participate in



batley poets at batley library inter faith week 2019

Batley Poets giving a reading at Batley Library, 2019


  • Produce a social media series through the Week highlighting books from your collection with an Inter Faith Week theme
  • Initiate a plan how to diversify further your collection to reflect faiths and beliefs in the local community
  • Offer a space in your library for community Inter Faith Week events


If you hold an activity, please do take a few minutes to register it on the IFW website. If you register you will also be eligible for a free pack with Inter Faith Week stickers, a poster, flyers, and a blank message card on which to share an Inter Faith Week message!


Published 24 August 2021

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