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A Toolkit with tips and ideas for marking Inter Faith Week



Each year, the Inter Faith Network for the UK creates a report on Inter Faith Week, and draws together a list of all events known to have taken place to mark the Week. These are drawn together for ease of reference here.

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2016 Snapshots

Inter Faith Week 2016 saw more events take place than ever before. Across England, Northern Ireland and Wales, people of different faiths and beliefs attended events or followed the Week online and on social media, where 5.9 million Twitter users alone were reached. Scroll down to view a series of event snapshots across a range of categories.

A huge range of organisations took part, with an enormous array of events and activities taking place. These included multi faith remembrance events; events celebrating the arts, culture and music of the UK's faith communities; celebrations and festivals; pilgrimages, walks, faith trails and open door days; events promoting dialogue and discussion; events at higher and further education institutions; events promoting increased religious literacy, including in workplaces; school activities; social action projects; sporting activities; women's event's; events held by local authorities and public agencies; and special projects in the media, online and on social media.

On this page are links to a series of mini reports about particular types of events that took place during Inter Faith Week, with some examples of these. Events listed here are only a small sample. To see a full list of the events that took place to mark Inter Faith Week 2016, visit the event map at

Inter Faith Week is a programme of the Inter Faith Network for the UK ( It leads on the Week, working with the Inter Faith Council for Wales (, and the Northern Ireland Inter Faith Forum ( in relation to Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scottish Interfaith Week is led by Interfaith Scotland. In 2016, by agreement, events taking place in Scotland were included on this website as well as Interfaith Scotland's website. To view a report of events and activities that took place to mark Scottish Interfaith Week, go to



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