Living well together discussion prompts

'Living Well Together' has been a thread running through Inter Faith Week since 2011, and these prompts have been popular ever since.

Living Well Together in Britain Today

For the 2011 Inter Faith Week, IFN organised a national event for faith leaders on the theme 'Living Well Together' in Britain today. As part of that event, and the 2011 Week more broadly, a set of questions were circulated to event holders, who were encouraged to provide feedback on emerging themes. Event organisers have continued to find the questions a useful starting-point for discussion and they therefore remain available to read online or to download.

  1. What does it mean to live well together?
  2. What are the distinctive contributions that faith communities bring to the wellbeing of our shared society, both in Britain and globally?
  3. How do we discern and agree values held in common that underpin our shared society?
  4. How do we live out, with commitment and integrity, our faith/beliefs in a diverse society and in a society where religion is often misunderstood?
  5. How do we negotiate our differences effectively and courteously?
  6. Where best can religious communities work together for the good of our wider society?
  7. How can people of religious beliefs and non-religious beliefs engage constructively on issues of common concern and work for greater mutual understanding?
  8. What resources can we draw on from our religious traditions for positive engagement with our wider society, and how can these resources be more widely shared both within our own communities and more widely?
  9. What are the teachings in our faith community which inspire service to others? How can such service by faith communities – singly and working with others – benefit our society?
  10. How do faith communities’ responses to events such as the August riots demonstrate their role at the heart of local communities?
  11. How can faith communities and Government engage effectively, respectfully and yet critically for the common good?
  12. How can we engage with those from within our communities who do not wish to work positively with other communities or our wider society?
  13. As part of strengthening the fabric of our society, how can faith groups, educators and others work to help increase understanding about beliefs and practices of different faiths and tackle misunderstandings of their teachings – both within and outside of their own communities?
  14. How does education within faith communities, Religious Education and Citizenship Education help strengthen inter faith understanding and cooperation?
  15. How can Inter Faith Week, and other special days and weeks related to inter faith engagement help raise the profile of inter faith dialogue and action for the common good?

Published 17 August 2021

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