Key messages

This page gives 'key messages' about Inter Faith Week nationally for use when speaking or writing about the Week.

The following key messages about Inter Faith Week can be drawn upon when speaking or writing about Inter Faith Week. This might include blog articles, press releases or giving interviews or addresses about the Week. Often those speaking or writing about the Week will also have separate key messages about activities specific to their locality, and these messages are designed to complement those with the national context.

  1. Inter faith cooperation and understanding are vital in our increasingly diverse society.
  2. Inter Faith Week helps strengthen relationships and understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs.
  3. Inter Faith Week involves thousands of people many of whom have never had the opportunity for inter faith encounter before.
  4. Inter Faith Week increases public awareness of the diversity of faith communities in the UK, and celebrates their contribution to society.
  5. Hundreds of organisations take part, many organising several activities.
  6. The official website of Inter Faith Week is
  7. Inter Faith Week began in 2009, and is now in its eleventh year.
  8. Inter Faith Week is a programme of the Inter Faith Network for the UK
  9. Scottish Interfaith Week began in 2004, and is a programme of Interfaith Scotland. It has its own dedicated website, which can be found at

Published 27 October 2017