Workplaces and businesses

Inter Faith Week provides businesses and workplaces with a unique opportunity to engage with diversity and equalities and to encourage religious literacy and positive relations in the workplace.

Event and activity ideas for workplaces and businesses can also found found in The Inter Faith Week Toolkit

Most businesses have customers, staff and clients of many faiths and beliefs and the Week is an excellent time to highlight appreciation of diversity. Businesses may also be located in diverse areas, with a variety of faith communities or even a local inter faith group in their locality. Event and activity ideas include: 

  • Holding an Inter Faith Week training day on religion and belief in the workplace
  • Inviting members of local faith communities to provide an opportunity for your staff to ask questions, and to gain insight into the different religions, customs and cultures of their communities
  • Launching - or start planning to launch - a staff inter faith network
  • Running a webinar or chat with your offices around the country on religion and belief issues and the importance of good relations
  • Holding a discussion about the ways in which religious literacy and dialogue might contribute to and strengthen the realisation of your corporate values

Published 5 November 2016