Peace and Non-Violence Events

Some communities chose to come together during Inter Faith Week to promote peace or non-violence through services and vigils or celebrations and festivals.

Peace and non-violence events during Inter Faith Week included:

  • The ‘Festival of Peace’ at Oddfellows Hall in Stafford, organised by Stafford and District Friends of Faith. The event was a celebration of the faith communities in Stafford, with shared food and a discussion on ‘treating others as you would want to be treated yourself’.
  • An informal, celebratory event at the Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Newcastle, where a ‘chain of lights for peace’ was formed around the church and a performance was given by a children’s choir.
  • A ‘Space for Peace’ at the Vedic Society Temple, Southampton. The event brought people of different faiths and beliefs together to celebrate a united ambition of peace. The event included musical performances from a number of faith traditions, and was organised by the Southampton Council of Faiths.
  • The ‘Stories to Live By’ event at the London Inter Faith Centre which highlighted different paths towards non-violence. This sharing of stories explores what faith traditions teach about violence and non-violence and was part of the ‘Festival of Non-Violence’ at the centre.
  • The ‘Inter Faith Peace Symposium’ held at County Hall, Cardiff, by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Cardiff Chapter to promote peace and raise awareness about the importance of harmony between people of different faiths and beliefs.
  • A Peace Walk in Exeter held by the Devon Faith and Belief Forum. Participants from different faiths and beliefs met to share food and show unity by walking together through the city.
  • An hour of silent inter faith prayer for peace and unity organised by the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre and the Lancashire Forum of Faiths and others.

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Published 18 January 2017